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What's this all about?

January 11, 2020


Well, I finally did it. I made a propper use for my .dev domain I purchased ages ago.

I've decided to go down the "Well at least it's something to start with" route, as I have been putting making something like this since I bought the .dev domain... And several month or even years before doing it.

I thought it would be nice as instead of sharing projects I've completed, I'd share things which I think are cool. Over the past several months I've found a ton of tools, services and frameworks which I think are awesome, and I'd like other people to know about them and how great they are. I'd also maybe posts the odd post explaining on how I overcame a bug/solution that had me stumped for several hours.

But, I do have things I'd like to share in mind, and not having an actual blog to post them to is a big enough hurlde. Now that's gone, I can actally make a start on writing them.

This website uses GatsbyJS built on Netlify. All of the content is written in Markdown, and is "stored" in the Git repository itself, and is automaticly deployed to Netlify every time I push a commit to the master branch. Which is nice.

I'm probably going to end up working in parallel almost. Styling and developing this website, and actually writing blog posts. And I'm going to try and post as frequent as I can, however the word "frequent" might be arguable in terms of time 🙃.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy my blog of tools and whatnot that may surprise you, and put up with my awful spelling and grammar dispite it has to somewhat be perfect when writing code...